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I have been working on research problems at the cutting edge in theoretical quantum optics. In particular, I have focused on the applications of entangled light to quantum imaging and sensing. This is a subject which is currently of great interest as it can lead not only to new fundamental results but also to new types of imaging systems and sensors working at quantum level. Quantum imaging is a newly born branch of quantum optics that investigates the ultimate performance limits of optical imaging allowed by the laws of quantum mechanics. Using the methods and techniques from quantum optics, quantum imaging addresses the questions of image formation, processing and detection with sensitivity and resolution exceeding the limits of classical imaging. Utilizing the strong, unusual correlation properties of entangled light sources one can design interferometers that can detect phase shifts beyond the so-called quantum noise limit, which according to semi-classical theory is the ultimate lower noise level for optical measurements. Moreover, quantum imaging offers numerous exciting opportunities in the area quantum information due to an intrinsic parallelism of optical image processing. My research proposes new methods for detecting optical phases with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution. I am also studying the quantum optics of macroscopic systems, particularly, examining the nonclassical aspects of nanomechanical systems.

In my recently published paper, by using a new source of stimulated entangled photons, I proposed an interferometer capable of detecting phase shifts which has increased resolution with perfect visibility with respect to conventional methods. My result has potential applications, for instance, in quantum lithography. This application brings about a breakthrough in lithographic resolution by overcoming the classical diffraction limit-allowing features to be printed that are several factors smaller than the optical wavelength. It has tremendous commercial potential in the computer chip and semiconductor industries by allowing nanometer sized fabrication at low cost. I am currently working to further improve the resolution limit by using special schemes with multi-photon absorption materials.

The field of quantum limited measurements in quantum optics is at the threshold of a major technological breakthrough with potentially many applications in ultra-sensitive measurements. By using entangled photons, I designed a Sagnac interferometer capable of detecting phase shifts which has four-fold increase in sensitivity with respect to conventional methods. Sagnac interferometers are used in many applications such as gyroscopes to detect high-precision measurement of rotation and their sensitivity is very crucial in satellites, spaceships and long range missiles. In an earlier work, I used similar ideas by using strongly correlated entangled photons in the design of a quantum magnetometer which shows four-fold resolution increase with respect to the use of ordinary laser. These works have been published in the journals of APS and OSA. My future work for these systems will be to analyze the performance by including the noise effects with the use of more realistic and practical sources.

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